Swim Team, Dive Team, and Swimming Lessons

The Tiger Sharks and Mini Sharks program is a great way to introduce kids to competitive swimming, and also a fun way to continue competing even for older swimmers.  We have a short seasons with weekly dual meets against other teams in the Seven Hills League.  The season ends with a two-day Championship meet for swimming and a one-day Championship meet for diving.  See the schedule below for 2022.

We will have three groups of Tiger Sharks (based on ability level) who will practice for an hour Monday-Thursday at 8:30, 9:30, or 10:30.  Fridays are Fun Days, and all three groups practice together from 9:30-11.  Tiger Sharks are kids who can swim several laps.  Knowledge of all four strokes is not required.

Mini Sharks are younger swimmers who are not yet ready to swim in meets or do a full lap, but who are willing to put their faces in the water and who can swim a stroke or two of freestyle or backstroke.  They practice for 30 minutes Monday-Thursday at either 11:30 or noon. Mini Sharks do not practice on Fridays.

Diving practices follow the same schedule, with practices at 9:30 or 10:30 Monday – Thursday, and 9:30-11 on Friday. Divers are grouped with a range of abilities in each group.


2022 Schedule

May 26, 6:00-8:00 pm [TENTATIVE]:  Preseason parent meeting/pizza party at TPSC

June 6: first outdoor practice at TPSC

June 9:  Meet at Turpin Hills Swim Club (divers report around 2:15, and swimmers report around 4:15)

June 16:  Home meet against Normandy

June 23: Meet at Miami Hills

June 24: Team pictures at TPSC

June 30: Home meet against Forest Hills

July 7: Home meet against Indian Hill Club

July 11: Dive Champs, location TBD

July 12-13: Swim Champs at Indian Hill

July 20: Tentative date for end of season banquet


Coach announcements will follow shortly.


The cost is $108 for all groups (Tiger Sharks, Mini Sharks, or divers, and it is possible to do both swimming and diving), except that there is no charge for kids 13 and over. Athletes must be members of TPSC to join the swim or dive teams. To register, fill out the form below.  If registering an athlete who is 13 or over, please email Jeni Heis at jheis@ulmer.com.

All team members will receive a Tiger Sharks t-shirt and a swim cap. We will be in touch about group assignments, including assignments to Mini Sharks.  

Questions? Please contact Jeni Heis at 513-314-9227 or Mandy Rassi at 513-503-2506.