1. Front Desk – All members and guests must enter and register at the front desk.
  2. Adult Swim – At 50 minutes of each hour, all children under the age of 18 must get out of the water for ten minutes. The guards will blow their whistles to indicate this period of time.
  3. Appropriate Behavior – Members must respect and follow instructions from lifeguards and pool managers at all times. No running or ball playing (except in grassy areas), pushing, wrestling, rough-housing, or foul language. No sitting on shoulders. Throwing children is allowed at lifeguard discretion. Children whose conduct is not deemed appropriate by lifeguards and pool managers will temporarily lose club privileges and club will notify their parents immediately.
  4. Adult Supervision of Young Children – Children 10 years old or younger are not permitted unless accompanied AND closely supervised by an adult or responsible babysitter at all times. Children who require floatation devices to stay afloat must be kept at arms length at all times.
  5. Wading Pool – Children 5 years old or younger may use the wading pool. Each child in the wading pool area must be under the immediate supervision of an adult or responsible babysitter at all times.
  6. Potty Training – Children 3 years old or younger are permitted in the pool only if in the immediate company of an adult. Children in diapers shall wear plastic or rubber pants, or a swim diaper, in addition to a bathing suit. Any accidents must be immediately reported to staff.
  7. Lap Pool – Priority and courtesy should be given to lap swimming. Do not pull or sit on the lane lines. No diving or use of starting blocks unless under the direct supervision of the swim coaches.
  8. Inflatables – Inflatable accessories are permitted in the water at the discretion of the manager. Hard and sharp objects are prohibited. No inflatables in diving area. No tennis balls in the pool.
  9. Diving Area – The diving board may be closed and the diving area open for swimming at lifeguard’s discretion. No goggles may be worn when going off the diving board. Only one bounce is allowed on the diving board. Wait for the previous diver to reach the ladder before going off the diving board. No backward facing dives, unless under the supervision of the club-appointed diving coach. Do not hang on rope separating the diving area from the main pool. Children must first demonstrate to a lifeguard that they can swim across the dive well without assistance before being allowed to use the diving board.
  10. Cleanliness – Please dispose of all waste in the proper receptacles.
  11. Health and Safety – Expectorating and nose blowing in the pool is prohibited. The pool manager or lifeguard shall refuse admission and/or expel from the water anyone with skin abrasions, bandages, infections, inflamed eyes, coughs or colds, etc.
  12. No Smoking – Smoking is not permitted at the club.
  13. No Diving – No diving anywhere except in the 10-foot diving area.
  14. No Food – No food is allowed in the water.
  15. No Glass, No Pets – No glass containers are allowed on the premises. No pets are allowed on the premises.
  16. Driveway and Parking Lot – No one shall drive fast or recklessly on the driveway or in the parking lot. Please be mindful of the possibility of young children in the parking lot.
  17. Bad Weather – No one is allowed in the water for 30 minutes following thunder or lightning. Pool may be closed because of bad weather at the manager’s discretion.