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Mini Sharks

Description: The Mini Shark program is a feeder into the Tiger Shark program. This program is for children who are comfortable in the water, but who are not quite ready for the competitive team. It is important to understand that these are not learn-to-swim, swim lessons.

Mini Sharks (Mini's) meet daily, Monday through Friday, and focus on stroke refinement; focusing on freestyle, learning to breath properly and proper form in backstroke. The goal of the Mini Sharks is to gain confidence, comfort and endurance in the water. Once achieved, it is the hope that a mini shark will be able to participate in at least one Tiger Shark meet. This may, and usually does, take many summers to achieve.

Mini's may be asked to "move up" to the Tiger Sharks when they have mastered rotary breathing, freestyle and backstroke and are comfortable swimming two lengths of the pool. Mini's also have their own "Mini Meet" on the last day of the swimming season. Mini Sharks especially love Fridays: "Donut Day."

Criteria: To participate in Mini Sharks the swimmer must be comfortable in the water, able to put his or her face in the water, float on back and stomach comfortably and swim independently for a few yards.

Mini Shark Placement: After an in-water evaluation, the Coach assigns children to a practice time and lane. This assignment is based on skills they need to improve upon or to learn. Practice assignments are not based on age. Each practice time will have a mix of abilities; one practice time is not considered more capable than another. As Mini Sharks master required skills they will move to a different group to continue learning.

Who is evaluated: All mini sharks from the 2011 season are to be evaluated for placement in either Tiger Sharks or Mini Sharks. This is the same as last year. All new potential Mini Shark swimmers are also to be evaluated.

Evaluation Dates: tbd (families will be assigned dates and times)
Evaluation Location: Mariemont High School Pool

Swim season dates: tbd
Practice Times: 11 a.m. and 11:30 a.m., based on assignment
End of the season swim meet: tbd

Donut Friday: Every Friday after practice, please see sign up sheet for volunteers. Sign up sheet will be posted at TPSTC Open House, Mini evaluations, and on the swim team bulletin board at the pool.

Equipment needed: goggles and a bathing suit.